BF3 – Squad Specs, Visible Team Deaths, Added Options and more: A Dissection of the Near Final Build

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Recently, IGN was able to preview the retail version of Battlefield 3. Two multiplayer demonstrations were given by Producers Patrick Bach, and Alex Grondal who show off two new MP maps, Operation Firestorm and Grand Bazaar. We’ve taken some stills from these two videos to capture a few interesting differences from the Beta that will be making it into the retail version of Battlefield 3. To view a full screen image of each picture, click on the image twice.

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  • The squad leader once again plays a more prominent role. According to Patrick Bach, players can only spawn on the squad leader. This leader also has the options to give orders. Also, both in-game and in-menu, it is now possible to see what specialization each squad member has equipped. This will obviously come in to play more prominently once players begin unlocking the squad specializations.
Squad specializations are now included to the left of each member while the leader is highlighted with a star.
  • It is now possible to access the options menu while in the loadout screen.
We need our options.
  • Service stars now apply to classes, as they do weapons. In the picture below, you can notice that there is now a service star number next to the class, as well as the weapon. There still doesn’t seem to be any options to change your kit while watching the kill-cam. It looks like we still need to wait through it in order to access our loadouts or change options.
Still no loadout menu in the kill-cam.
  • It is now possible to view your soldier in the loadout tweaking screen, as well as change their appearance (this is most likely for those who have the SPECACT Kit DLC).
Lookin' good soldier.
  • It’s now possible to view which kit you are picking up off of fallen teammates. It also shows a picture of the weapon you will be picking up if you center your view on the dropped kit.
You can also notice that squad specializations show up in-game.
  • The location of teammates/squadmates who have recently died now show up on screen, on the mini-map, and in the full map in the loadout screen. It has recently been confirmed that the lightning bolt symbols will still appear for medics while other classes will see the skulls. Also, the distance to your closest objective is now shown on-screen. This applies to both Rush and Conquest.
Skulls in-game and distance to Alpha.
Skull on min-map.
Skull on loadout map.
  • The on-screen blood splatter has changed from the Beta.
Blood everywhere!
  • There now seems to be on-screen reminders to either drop health or ammo for squad/teammates, or to request it.
Share your ammo, man!
Gimme some ammo, man!
  • Ribbons are now crooked!
One of the more important changes from the Beta.
  • For those who were not fortunate enough (eg. do not own PCs) and did not get to play on the Caspian Border multiplayer map during the Beta, here are some vehicle related pictures that may be of interest.
Transport helicopter.
Tank specs.

What do you think of the changes made? Please let us know in the comments’ section below!

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