BF3 Swag will be Present at CoD XP and an Awesome BF3 Headset

The 10th ranked Call of Duty Black Ops player is going to CoD XP with Battlefield 3 swag.

Honestly, I’m as confused as you are. Apparently, the 10th ranked Call of Duty player in the world is going to represent Battlefield 3 swag at CoD XP this weekend. Is he going to wear BF3 related merchandise? What does exactly this mean? Read DICE’s statement for yourself,

“#10 CODBO player in the world is playing #BF3. He’ll be repping BF3 swag at CoDXP this weekend too.” Click here to see him playing Battlefield 3,

DICE might be just taking a dig at CoD fans by recruiting one of the most renowned players. What do you think?

How about those Astros A40s above? Pretty awesome!

Earlier today, Activision’s CEO fueled the fire between EA and Activision.


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