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Xbox One Stereo Headset and Headset Adapter Coming Early March News 7

News 7 Today, Microsoft has introduced a new Stereo Headset and Headset Adapter that will be available in early March for the Xbox One. The Stereo Headset supports a full-range (20Hz – 20kHz) audio experience that is paired with a unidirectional microphone. The Headset is powered passively through the Xbox One’s Wireless Controller, meaning batteries won’t be necessary. It […]

PlayStation 4 Will Support Playstation 3 Wireless Headsets, According To Sony Official News 76

News 76 Those who spent some serious cash on their wireless headsets for the PlayStation 3 need not worry about compatibility with the upcoming PlayStation 4. According to a report by Polygon, who spoke with a Sony official at this years’ San Diego Comic Con, it’s been confirmed that those not wanting to part ways with their […]

Xbox One To Support Xbox 360 Headsets With An Adapter News 35

News 35 Microsoft is once again answering to the concerns of gamers who recently learned that the Xbox One won’t ship with a headset. According to the Xbox support twitter, Microsoft is hard at work on creating an adapter to make the current wired Xbox 360 headset compatible with the Xbox One. At the moment, the price […]

Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One Headset News 102

News 102 Microsoft has revealed heir brand new voice-chat headset designed for the Xbox One, and shipping with it this November. As the previous Xbox 360 headset before it, It sports a single speaker along with one controller input, a volume control and a mute control. As you can see in the image below, the controls will […]

BF3 Swag will be Present at CoD XP and an Awesome BF3 Headset News 2

News 2 The 10th ranked Call of Duty Black Ops player is going to CoD XP with Battlefield 3 swag. Honestly, I’m as confused as you are. Apparently, the 10th ranked Call of Duty player in the world is going to represent Battlefield 3 swag at CoD XP this weekend. Is he going to wear BF3 related merchandise? […]