PlayStation 4 Will Support Playstation 3 Wireless Headsets, According To Sony Official

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Those who spent some serious cash on their wireless headsets for the PlayStation 3 need not worry about compatibility with the upcoming PlayStation 4.

According to a report by Polygon, who spoke with a Sony official at this years’ San Diego Comic Con, it’s been confirmed that those not wanting to part ways with their  current wireless headsets won’t need to as the PlayStation 4 will support PlayStation 3 headsets. Regardless, the PlayStation 4 will still ship with it’s own headset, which you can view the specs of right here.

PlayStation 4 is scheduled to be available sometime this holiday season, carrying a price tag of $399 USD. Those who are attending the San Diego Comic Con can get their first look of Sony’s next-generation console, as Sony is giving attendees a hands-on opportunity with the PlayStation 4.

Those who have purchased wireless headsets for the Playstation 3, will you still be using them for the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comment section below!