BF4 Community Test Environment Improves Server Tick Rate, ADS Sensitivity, Screen Shake, and More

Battlefield 4‘s Community Test Environment has been open to Premium Subscribers on the PC for only a short period time, but already we’re learning about some exciting test results from participants.

DICE launched the Battlefield 4 CTE exactly one week ago as a way to test game updates at a more frequent rate and experiment with various improvements using the help of willing participants. It allows the studio evaluate updates on a larger audience and gives them the opportunity to guage what tweaks may or may not be suited for release to the public.

Some of these updates may never see the light of day, but here are a few of the things community members are reporting in as results of the new test environment:

  • Server tick rate improved from 10hz to 30hz – Leads to a smoother and more responsive network experience
  • High Frequency Network Update option – Customize your tick rate based on your own hardware specs
  • Customize ADS sensitivity – Customize the sensitivity of individual optic zooms independently of hip fire sensitivity
  • Screen shake from explosions and other environmental hazards reduced
  • Chat delay fixed
  • Terrain exploits fixed
  • Character collision improved

Known Battlefield 4 commentators XFactorGaming and LevelCapGaming both provide an informative overview of some of the changes that are in the works inside the test environment. Give the both videos a listen below.

[youtube id=”jDmb3aO0rF8″]

[youtube id=”RcfhPHXvyyk”]

If you are a Battlefield 4 Premium PC member and are interested in participating in the Community Test Environment, learn how by following this link.

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