BF4 Premium Double XP Event Coming Jan 3, Still No Second Assault PC/X360/PS4/PS3 Release Date

Starting tomorrow, Friday, January 3, Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers can look forward to 58 hours of double XP.

The Premium-exclusive event that was originally set to begin last Sunday, December 29, but was later rescheduled, is now slated to launch tomorrow, Friday, January 3 at 6am PST / 9am EST. The event will last 58 hours, so you’ll have roughly two and a half days to boost your rank as much as possible.

CORRECTION: The Battlelog now reads that the event will begin at 5am UTC on January 3, which actually translates to 9pm PST tonight, December 2 on the West Coast, or 12am EST, December 3 on the East Coast.

Meanwhile, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users will have to hang tight and continue to wait on a release date for Battlefield 4’s Second Assault expansion pack.

Responding to Second Assault questions on Twitter, Battlefield global community manager Vincent Vukovic writes, “Don’t have a date to announce yet. Keep an eye out at our official channels for those news.”

Currently, only users on the Xbox One have access to the DLC, as it was originally a timed-exclusive for Microsoft’s platform.

As it stands, we’re already seeing a lot of level 110s out there. What rank are you in Battlefield 4?

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