Biomutant Update 2.09 Drops for Patch 1.7 This November 5

Biomutant update 2.09

Experiment 101 has released the Biomutant update 2.09 patch this November 5, or what the studio calls patch 1.7. There’s no new content in this, and was rolled out for Japanese localization improvements. Head on below for more details.

Biomutant Update 2.09 Patch Notes | Biomutant Update 1.7 Patch Notes:

We’ve just released patch 1.7 for #Biomutant!

This update overhauls and improves the Japanese localization of the game based on player feedback we’ve received.

Outside of that, the game has gotten an update recently for fixes as well. if you’ve yet to play the game, go read our review here where we state, “Biomutant is by no means a terrible game, far from it, it just feels like it never hits its full potential. It’s clear that Experiment 101 took inspiration from many games and tried to put it all in one nice package, but in the case of Biomutant there is just too much of too little. The morality system feels out of place, as do the dialogue and player’s choices, and the side quests are just there for the sake of being there. There is a good foundation, but not a lot to be held by it. Combat and its world may be the saving grace of Biomutant, but this is one mutant that might need more experimentation before it achieves its full potential.”

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