BioWare Investigating “Rare” Anthem PS4 Crash Issue


Just yesterday, we reported that Anthem was making PS4 consoles crash, and even bricked a console for one user. While there’s no actual fix out yet, BioWare is aware of the Anthem PS4 crash issue, which it calls “rare.”

This was mentioned by Chad Robertson, Head of Live Services of BioWare.

We’re investigating reports of a rare crash w/ Anthem on PS4 that can cause a power-down of the console. May require a restart with the power button or unplugging the console first. Working closely w/ Sony and have engineers on it. Will update as we make progress on a fix.

Hopefully, this gets resolved ASAP since I doubt people would want to risk their expensive consoles getting borked or bricked by a game.

In other Anthem news, we posted the in-game store’s list of items for the week. We also posted the complete map of Anthem which includes markers for World Events, Chests and more.

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