BioWare Wants to Add More Anthem Stronghold Missions “as Soon as Possible,” and Will Be Free

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Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Anthem will have three Stronghold missions available at launch. For those not familiar with it, Stronghold missions are some of the game’s endgame activities, and will require a four-man team to coordinate with each other to complete. Think of them as a shorter version of Destiny’s Raids, though it’s definitely longer and meatier than Destiny’s Strike missions.

If you find that three Anthem Stronghold missions out of the gate is a tad too few, don’t worry too much as BioWare has confirmed that they want to add more Anthem Strongholds “as soon as possible,” and mentions that if they indeed add ’em, these missions will be free! This was revealed by Anthem Producer Ben Irving during a Discord chat with fans.

Ben Irving: We want to add more strongholds as soon as possible and then continue to do so.

Oh and when we add them they’ll be free.

In the same chat, Irving confirmed that BioWare will revamp the stat screen after every end of mission, and mentions how the UI “needs some love.”

Ben Irving: We we know the UI needs some love, the first phase of that will be in at launch, however I don’t think that’ll address the issue you outlined but we want to make that better after launch. Being a very loot based game we need to be much better at getting you the information in the easiest way.

Regarding an Anthem horde mode, Irving says that it has been discussed though they’ve got some other stuff to do before it gets implemented — if at all.

Ben Irving: It’s been discussed. I think we’ve got some other things to check off first though.

Lastly, Irving has also confirmed that BioWare has looked into endless dungeons or something of the sort, and adds that they are “SUPER difficult.”

Ben Irving: Yes and it is SUPER difficult.

That’s very welcome news regarding Strongholds, right? Let’s hope BioWare can churn these out soon-ish since you just know how some players will be gunning to finish e’m ASAP.

In other Anthem news, BioWare has cleared the air regarding microtransactions in the game, and also confirmed that guilds won’t be available at launch.

Source: Reddit

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