Black Ops 2 – Game Design Director Hints at Possible “War-Like” Game Mode

Treyarch Game Design Director hints at some possible new game modes making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, including something similar to the old fan-favorite, “War.”

In a recent Reddit “Ask-Me-Anything” along with Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows, David Vonderhaar was asked if Treyarch would ever consider bringing back the game mode “War” to Black Ops 2, originally introduced in Call of Duty 3 and later, World at War.

In War, two teams would fight to capture up to five different territories set up in a straight line across a map. Your job was to push back enemy forces, fighting for and capturing their territory until all territories have been claimed, thus winning the match. Treyarch also introduced a “momentum” system that allowed teams to capture flags faster by getting kills.

In response to the request of it’s return, Vonderhaar said, “no plans to bring back War at this time.” Though, he added, “never say never. Here is a hint. We have a very War like mode, that isn’t exactly War, that I would love to tell you about, but I can’t because … dragged away by PR.”

However, according to Vonderhaar, there is more than one game mode that the team is currently testing out. When asked if “All or Nothing” would ever make a return in Black Ops 2, Vonderhaar answered, though he would “absolutely” like to see something like that added in, “we haven’t released any details, or even decided which [game modes], nor could I give you a count or time, we have several games modes we play in development.” He added, “we have some [of] our own new game modes we are eager to try out.”

That brings us to ask the question, what game modes would you like to see added to Black Ops 2 in the future? Is “War” or “All or Nothing” on your list?

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