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Black Ops 2 – Game Design Director Hints at Possible “War-Like” Game Mode News 43

News 43 Treyarch Game Design Director hints at some possible new game modes making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, including something similar to the old fan-favorite, “War.” In a recent Reddit “Ask-Me-Anything” along with Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows, David Vonderhaar was asked if Treyarch would ever consider bringing back the game mode […]

Meet The Mind Behind Modern Warfare 3’s All or Nothing, BoxOfDemons News 16

News 16 Last month, Infinty Ward introduced the newest community playlist called “Gunplay Playlist,” which features several Free For All variations. Unlike One in the Chamber and Gun Game, the Call of Duty community was for the first time treated to All or Nothing. You can learn the rules of all the game types in Gunplay here. […]

New Modern Warfare 3 Game Mode ‘All or Nothing’ Gameplay Footage News 9

News 9 The new Modern Warfare 3 community playlist is now live on Xbox 360 and PS3, still no official word on whether PC players will be getting it. The playlist features four game modes, two Gun Game variations, One in the Chamber, and All or Nothing. You can learn more about every game mode in detail […]