Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Trailer Analysis – Brand New Create-A-Class, See Through Walls, Spectator Mode and Much More

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At last, Treyarch and Activision have given Call of Duty fans around the world their very first look at Black Ops II’s multiplayer in action.

If you missed it, make sure to check out the new trailer here before heading on to our in-depth analysis below!

Essentially, this trailer can be broken down into eight different sections, plus a few extra – each one demonstrating a different loadout style as well as different game mechanics and features that come along with it.

Now, each of these loadouts are, obviously, not presets within the game, but custom loadouts that can be tweaked via what seems to be a point-based or slot-based system, something that’s been eluded to for quite some time now. Player will be able to choose a primary with up to three attachments, a secondary with up to two attachments, up to six perks, two pieces of equipment, and lastly, what seems to be a slot for different proficiencies or other equipment. Killstreaks/pointstreaks are counted in the lower right-hand side of the HUD.

Of course, players will not be able to fill every single slot and some will most likely cost more points than others. Most likely, there will always be a compromise – something that must be given up in order to reap the benefits of your desired loadout.

We’ll take a look at the various set ups below, though these should just give an idea as to what sort of creative loadouts players will be able to come up with when Black Ops II releases November 13.

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Here, we see a general loadout of two weapons, each with an attachment, three perks and two pieces of equipment. The equipment here seems to be the theme of the loadout as this character is carrying a device that can be thrown and stuck to a surface, stunning near-by enemies. We also get our first look at the HUD including a mini-map, point counter, bullet/equipment indicator and a killstreak/pointstreak counter.

Something I found immediately striking was the colorful environments and improved lighting, something Treyarch was criticized for lacking in previous titles.

The last image shows off the “revenge” award, the new player card system and the M8A1 assault rifle with it’s selectable fire modes.


Alas, we get our first look at the weapon attachment which will allow players to see through walls. This player is using the PDW-57 MMS attached with a scope which will reveal nearby enemies through walls and smoke.

Many players will be happy to know that the Attack Dog killstreak is returning in Black Ops II (above) as is the famous Dolphin Dive (last image).


This player is sporting some fancy weapon attachments and equipment. First, the ACOG/Red Dot hybrid optic attached to this LSAT light machine gun demonstrates customizable reticles, as in previous titles.

Second, the deployable “Guardian Suppressor” seems to be a brand new piece of future-tech that slows down enemies or impedes the vision of anyone in it’s path, allowing yourself or teammates to get a clear shot. Should prove a useful piece of equipment in choke-points or for defending objectives.

This player below also earns the “Bloodthirsty” award.


As the name implies, this player and his customized Chicom CQB is set up to take out enemy drones or aerial support with his equipped heat-seeking launcher.

The Dragonfire is sure to be a deadly (or annoying) unmanned killing machine to be reckoned with. Luckily, infantry fire will do the trick, earning the “Flyswatter” award, though not as effective as the FHJ-18 AA launcher shown below.

We’ll also get a look at the view from the Dragonfire as this player achieves the “Red Baron” award.


This squad of three have the right idea when it comes to taking on the heavy opposition ahead.

Lots of stuff to look at here as we see an AN-94 equipped with a specialized optic that highlights enemies on the battlefield for easier target acquisition. However, the player’s field of view seems severely limited when aimed down this particular sight.

Accompanying him are two “centurions” each equipped with a riot shield that have the ability to be embedded into the ground, providing cover as the wearer disengages and can now return fire.

I’ve also included a neat shot of a soldier reloading his weapon. Notice the attention to detail as the bullets within the magazine are clearly visible.

Lastly, the enemy decides to bring in ground support as a chopper drops of an A.G.R. drone equipped with powerful weapons, earning the “Crackdown” award. It seems as though the player has the ability to leave the A.G.R. at any moment to return to later, though it will surely leave it vulnerable if not hidden properly.


This set up demonstrates one “extreme” that the new loadout system can be taken to. Here, we see a focus solely on a secondary weapon, the Raging Judge revolver, backed up by a trusty knife as well as six different perks.

What’s most interesting in this section of the trailer is that it seems like players will actually need to switch to the knife in order to be able to use it. However, it will still be a one-hit-kill, as in previous CoD titles.

Throwable tomahawks also return in Black Ops II, though highly upgraded since we last saw them (last image).


Another “extreme” set up has our favorite Treyarch developer, David Vonderhaar, sporting not one, but two sniper rifles – one with a high-powered scope, and the other with iron sights.

You can get a better look at what is presumably a .50 caliber customized DSR 50 on this soldier’s back as he carries another customized Ballista in his arms in the third-person shot below.

Nice “4 Piece,” DJVahn!


Mr. Sark is all about fancy gadgets in this set-up.

It’s not quite clear what exactly the gadget in the first couple of images actually does, but the customized M1216 Shotgun attached with a laser sight is surely devastating. This laser sight attachment should prove useful for those preferring to hip fire their weapon, such as this shotgun.

The last two images demonstrate some fancy C4 work – a must in any CoD title.


Unmanned aerial drones will obviously play a big part in both the single player and multiplayer of Black Ops II. Here, we see a large number of drones circling the skies above. Could this be a scene from the special type of free-for-all Wager Match that was previously mentioned, or perhaps another type of killstreak/pointstreak?

Below, you can see the “Kamikaze” drone in action as it descends upon one poor soldier.


Treyarch has stated their intentions to bring E-Sports to the forefront in Black Ops II’s multiplayer and we finally get to see what they’ve been working on.

The biggest addition here is what seems to be a dedicated spectator mode, which is what we’re looking through during the last sequence of the trailer as this match is being shoutcasted in typical E-Sports fashion.

Interestingly, you can see the HUD list not two, but three different teams or factions in this particular match. You’ll also get basic info like the player’s name, though this is most likely customizable.


In all, Treyarch seems to be brining a lot the to table with Call of Duty: Black Ops II, including improved graphics, a revamped create-a-class system, a brand new setting and a ton of exciting multiplayer features. We can’t wait to get our hands on some multiplayer action this November.

What did you think of the trailer? What did we miss in this analysis? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll update the piece accordingly!


1. Many have suggested the gadget “ShotgunSark” was holding at the beginning of his sequence to be a tactical insertion.

2. Reddit user zamzarvideo was able to piece together two maps featured in the trailer.