Black Ops 2 – Possible Tweaks to Headquarters Game Mode

Treyarch Developer David Vonderhaar brainstorms with his followers ways to improve the Headquarters game mode in the next Call of Duty title.

For simplicity sake, we’re going to call this title “Black Ops 2,” what with the recent leaks concerning both multiplayer information as well as a Black Ops 2 logo including a release date of its debut trailer. Check them both out if you haven’t yet!

On Twitter, David Vonderhaar of Treyarch asked his followers, specifically addressing Call of Duty tournament players, “if the HQ points rotated in a predictable order (not random picking) would you be able to play it competitively?” He added as a follow up, “would you want the locations close together … or spread out?”

Many agreed but contested that HQ can’t be competitive as long as one team spawns closer to the objective than the other. Vonderhaar did countered that “their is always a time till next point is able to be captured,” and also that “most competitive maps are small-medium in the first place.”

Some added that HQ would be much more competitive if it were to include rounds. This would mean that if one team were to spawn closer to a particular objective, at least it would even out in the second round. When asked if it was possible, Vonderhaar replied, “rounds are doable.” He also suggested, “don’t you think a lot of [the problems] could be mitigate by shorter HQ lifetimes, short 30 second set-uptime, and round-based game?”

If Vonderhaar were to draw from these conclusions, HQ in “Black Ops 2” could see round-based HQ matches as well as shorter HQ lifetimes.

Do you think HQ would become more competitive with these settings and would you be more inclined to play it in “Black Ops 2?” Let us know in the comments below!

Missed the latest CoD news? Vonderhaar also talked about the map voting system, health regeneration perks, and alluded to a “Heat Vision” point/killstreak in Black Ops 2.

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