Black Ops 2 – Urgent Fury Presents the Groundwar Challenge on the PlayStation 3 this August

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Urgent Fury is gearing up for a $15,000 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tournament this August.

Taking place in the Chicago, IL area on August 3, this double elimination tournament on the PlayStation 3 will give 64 teams a chance to take a cut of the $15,000 prize pool.

Teams made up of 6 will fight through matches consisting of the best of 3 maps with the finals being best of 7 maps. Settings similar to Activision’s Call of Duty Championship will be implemented.

The event will take place in a Game Pazzo, sporting a full game center with a full bar and cafe. Doors open at 10am. Registration closes 9am August 3, 2013.

Here’s the prize breakdown per team:

  1. $7,500
  2. $3,200
  3. $1,500
  4. $1,000
  5. $700
  6. $500
  7. $350
  8. $250

Modes featured in the tournament will be:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Hardpoint
  • Search and Destroy

More info is to come, but all attendees will have a chance to win prizes as well. You can learn more about the event on Urgent Fury’s official page, including official rules and settings. Pre Registration is now open.


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