Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Arrives on PlayStation 3 and PC August 1

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s latest map pack is making its way to the PlayStation 3 and PC on the very first day of August for $14.99.

Xbox 360 owners got a taste of “Vengeance” earlier this month with four brand new maps, a new zombies experience, and a new take on a classic Zombies weapon.

Treyarch introduced Detour, Cove, Rush, and Uplink, a re-imagining of the fan-favorite Black Ops map, Summit, along with an Old West-themed Zombies map, Buried. They also upgraded everyone’s favorite zombie-slaying weapon with style, introducing the Ray Gun Mark II.

Detour is great for objective-based game modes, especially Capture-the-Flag, while Cove offers longer range gunplay with various angles of attack and Rush provides that classic, fast-paced, close-quarters Call of Duty gameplay. Uplink is one of the cooler re-imaginings to date, based on one of the best Black Ops maps.

[youtube id=”O-78MwnAAXI” width=”618″ height=”378″]

If you’re anxious to check Black Ops 2: Vengeance out before it drops this August 1, be sure to catch some gameplay of each of the new multiplayer maps, including new Zombies gameplay, in our Vengeance DLC preview.

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