Black Ops Cold War Alpha Shows Up Internally on PSN Ahead of Multiplayer Reveal

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer HD Footage

With a little over a week to go until the official multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it would appear that developers Treyarch have issued a new update for what is known as the alpha build of this year’s Call of Duty game. Not to be mistaken with The Red Door, which leaked months ago, this new file features a completely new PSN ID and has multiple versions for different regions (NA, EU, JP, AS) with the given name of “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – Alpha.” An update, which we pulled off the patch tracker site PS4Patches, was issued last night for all available regions the title is in. 

In the available file, the previous leaked alpha images currently circulating Twitter along with the save image and PS4 boot image were all contained inside. Obviously due to possibly receiving a DMCA takedown we cannot share the images from the file. Speaking to a close source, the Black Ops Cold War Alpha PS4 build (1.00) had apparently been on PSN the last month or two.

What exactly could this mean? Well, for those who remember, last year Infinity Ward released an exclusive 2v2 Modern Warfare Gunfight Alpha for the PS4. Could Black Ops Cold War have a similar mode going into alpha testing as well? While the alpha file appearing on PSN in no way guarantees it will see a public release, it is a bit odd that the team would issue an update for all available regions, let alone have an entirely different uploaded build to the one they already have.

Hopefully this does mean some sort of early alpha is planned, though the best chance of that being announced is next month during the multiplayer reveal. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted if any new developments surfaces.

Black Ops Cold War is set to launch this November 13 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s also been confirmed for next-gen platforms, though it’ll be priced a wee bit higher.

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