Black Ops Cold War Flinch Has Been Redesigned From Past Games; In-Game Loadout Edits Confirmed

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If you play Call of Duty multiplayer, you’ve no doubt experienced your character flinch when you got shot while aiming down sight (ADS). If you hated that, rejoice! Black Ops Cold War flinch design has been reworked from previous games!

This was confirmed by Game Designer Tony Flame who shared that now, flinch is now primarily a “feedback mechanism” instead of it affecting your weapon, and having players unintentionally getting headshots due to flinching.

Damage Flinch has been redesigned in Black Ops Cold War. Flinch is now primarily a feedback mechanism to help you understand you’re taking damage, without affecting the aim position of your weapon. Your weapon will move with your screen to stay on target. No more flinch headshots

Continuning with the good news, if you liked that you can tweak and edit your loadouts while in-game in Modern Warfare 2019, well, it’s now been confirmed that you’ll be able to do that in Black Ops Cold War too! This was confirmed by Treyarch employee FoxhoundFPS over on the game’s subreddit.

Core concept right here. We’re in Alpha and can tune/adjust these types of things.

Tanks go down very quickly when focused. You can also spec your weapons out to be anti-tank. Everyone should have a good anti-streak class. You can even make them in-game. No more excuses.

In other Black Ops Cold War news, sniper glint and map voting have both been confirmed! We also posted a scorestreak computation and explanation for those confused about the new scorestreak system.