Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks Computation and Multipliers Explained

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Earlier this past week, Treyarch unveiled a ton of details regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. One of the things revealed is the new scorestreak system wherein streaks don’t reset upon death. If you’re confused as to how it works, here’s a Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks computation and multipliers explanation.

Basically, the longer you stay alive and rack up kills and do objectives, the faster you’ll get your streaks out since there will be multipliers that come into play.

Here’s a handy table that shows the numbers for each kill and what the bonuses are for going on an actual streak:

Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks Computation and Multipliers Explanation:

These numbers were also verified and tested by YouTuber Xclusive Ace which you can check out below:

Based on the data, and from the scorestreak values we already know, it seems Treyarch’s game design philosophy of having middle-tier players have some streaks is right on point, as I doubt bad players will be able to earn that much points in a single match to be able to call in a Chopper Gunner or something close to it.

Note that these values were taken from the private alpha. Based on Treyarch’s wording of it, they’ll be checking data and will be making adjustments on it as they see fit.

What are your thoughts on the new scorestreak system? Are you a fan of it or should Treyarch revert it to what it originally was?

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