Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks Cost Early Look, No Doors in MP, More Details Revealed

black ops cold war alpha impressions

Not only did Treyarch give us our first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer today, but the studio even gave access to a private alpha featuring content creators. Thanks to this, more details regarding the shooter has made its way online.

First up, we have a screenshot showcasing the Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks cost. Note that this is not the complete streaks list, though it does give us an idea on how well players need to do in order to hit each one.

Speaking of scorestreaks, we posted on how it works earlier today, and for those who haven’t read it, the short version is: scorestreaks now do not reset upon death! However, there are cooldowns for each streak, and multipliers too.

In addition to that, thanks to videos by Drift0r and Xclusive Ace where they shared their thoughts on the alpha, more confirmed info has been collected!

  • Doors are out, there are no doors in multiplayer
  • Mounting weapons on surfaces of any kind to mitigate recoil is out
  • Mini map is back to normal (red dots will show up for those firing guns without suppressors)
  • Footsteps audio are lower compared to Modern Warfare 2019
  • Dead Silence has been replaced by the “Ninja” perk that lessens foosteps sounds, though it was mentioned in the video that if the player is running, expect your footsteps to still be audible
  • Time-to-kill (TTK) has been said to be faster than Black Ops 4, but slower than Modern Warfare 2019
  • Health is at 150 again (same as Black Ops 4)
  • Health regen is back, no syringes needed (like in Black Ops 4)
  • Shown in the videos, both enemies and friendlies will have health bars above their player IDs
  • Loadouts can be edited mid-match (per Xclusive Ace Twitter)
  • Vehicles like snowmobiles, tanks, jet skis are in multiplayer and not earned via streaks (sample via Drift0r’s Twitter)
  • Drop-shotting is out! Drift0r has mentioned in his video that going prone will automatically take players out of ADS (aim down sights) and it’s slow

Also, take note that all these were taken from an alpha version of the game, and as such, things could change at anytime between now and the game’s release on November 13.

For more on Black Ops Cold War, check out the full beta schedule here, and we also got an official map and game modes overview from Treyarch.

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