Black Ops Cold War Weapon Charms Confirmed Along With Mountain Dew & Doritos Tie-In

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Charms

In possibly the least surprsing news of the week, weapon charms will once again be available in a Call of Duty game. Thanks to a marketing tie-in with Mountain Dew and Doritos, Black Ops Cold War weapon charms are confirmed to be in the shooter.

In addition to weapon charms, players can once again redeem 2XP vouchers by purchasing Mountain Dew and Doritos products! Players can redeem their promo codes via the dewanddoritos site, where players can get weapon charms and animated emblems too.

According to a Reddit post, the first code you submit to the website gets the player a weapon charm and an animated emblem, with others giving unspecified rewards for now.  Are any of the news reported here surprising? Hardly. But at least it’s confirmed that gamers can binge on Doritos and MTN Dew and get some in-game Black Ops Cold War stuff.

In other Black Ops Cold War news, the beta is kicking off this week for PS4 gamers! Head on over here to see the latest trailer released.

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