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Black Ops Cold War Weapon Charms Confirmed Along With Mountain Dew & Doritos Tie-In News 1

News 1 In possibly the least surprsing news of the week, weapon charms will once again be available in a Call of Duty game. Thanks to a marketing tie-in with Mountain Dew and Doritos, Black Ops Cold War weapon charms are confirmed to be in the shooter. In addition to weapon charms, players can once again redeem […]

Ubisoft Offering The Division 2 Private Beta Access With Mountain Dew Game Fuel Purchases News 1

News 1 We’re all used to publishers offering beta access to games as pre-order incentives, right? Well, Ubisoft has one-upped its marketing with The Division 2, as it has partnered with Mountain Dew! In a new ad, it states that buying MTN Dew Game Fuel will give the buyer The Division 2 private beta access! If that’s […]