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Black Ops Cold War Weapon Charms Confirmed Along With Mountain Dew & Doritos Tie-In News 1

News 1 In possibly the least surprsing news of the week, weapon charms will once again be available in a Call of Duty game. Thanks to a marketing tie-in with Mountain Dew and Doritos, Black Ops Cold War weapon charms are confirmed to be in the shooter. In addition to weapon charms, players can once again redeem […]

Xbox One X Doritos Now Available in Mexico, Promotion Includes Xbox One X Giveaway News 3

News 3 The combination of Doritos and gaming is nothing new. Often, you’ll see packets of Doritos containing double XP codes for Call of Duty. It’s expected, nowadays.  What isn’t expected, however, is for the Dorito chips themselves to be influenced by video game consoles. Well, it’s time to witness some horrific-looking snacks, as below you’ll find an […]