Bobby Kotick: Activision Is “Laser-Focused” on Retaining Talent, Aligning “Performance & Reward”

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While some gamers might assume that super big video game publishers like Activision only see their employees as another cog in the machine, that apparently isn’t the case with Activision. In the company’s quarterly earnings report, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick talked about expanding the company worldwide, and how they are “laser-focused” on retaining people.

From the start of 2020 through the end of next year, we intend to hire more than 2,000 developers. We plan to triple the size of certain franchise teams compared to those team sizes in 2019 and we have aggressive hiring plans around the world, including new studios or major expansion in Poland, China, Australia, and Canada and as our shareholders expect we remain laser focused on finding and retaining the best talent in the industry and always aligning performance and reward. – Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO

Of course, that entire “performance and reward” line does fall under scrutiny given the big lawsuit between Activision and former Infinty Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella due to the alleged unpaid bonuses from the Call of Duty franchise.

Do you think Kotick’s statements are true and people are quick to believe Activision is a baddie given the company’s size? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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One thought on “Bobby Kotick: Activision Is “Laser-Focused” on Retaining Talent, Aligning “Performance & Reward”

  1. And yet Vicarious and Toys for Bob, and the amazing work they have done the past 4 years, is all dead and buried now. Thanks Activision, I can go back to not buying games off you for another decade or whatever.

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