Borderlands 2 – Giant Teddy Bear Easter Egg

In what seems to be an never ending discovery of easter eggs in the recently released Borderlands 2, we can add yet another quirky one to the list.

This time we can check off the gigantic teddy bear. If you’re wondering how to activate this newly found easter egg, we got you covered with these few simple steps below:

  • First off, you must make your way to the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve.
  • Upon doing so, you can choose to slay any baddies on your way and in the Preserve Dockyard.
  • Once there, locate the giant antenna that’s covered by leaves and giant mushrooms. It can be easily located by simply looking up to the sky.
  • When you located this giant antenna, walk up to the base of it and look through the small piles of leaves in it. Once you do, you should get a command prompt asking you if you want to use the item. Use it.
  • When this mysterious item is used, you should now get an Echo recording saying that a teddy bear misses it’s mommy and wants to be united with his limbs to see her coming.
  • After getting this Echo recording, turn around and start heading to the electrical fuse box that sets off the electrical fence in the level below.
  • After you reach it, look to your right and there should be a platform that you can jump onto. When you reach it, there should be another small pile of leaves in the corner of the platform, walk up to it.
  • Once you’ve walked up to it, search through it until you get another command prompt to use an item. Use it.
  • Now you’ve found the body of this dismembered teddy bear. Turn around until you see a pipe on a level above you, with what appears to be a green silhouette of a teddy bear over looking the body of water.
  • Go to it and place the teddy bear on the pipe.
  • Once you have, wait a moment as the crane reaches down through a Hyperion force field and lifts up giant teddy bear, thus completing this easter egg.

If you’re having issues with finding the locations, here are some visual guides to help you out:

Giant Antenna covered by plants and mushrooms
Teddy Bear placed and ready for his mommy to arrive
Giant Teddy Bear being picked up by a crane

Out of all of the known easter eggs so far, which one is your favorite and why? Use the comment box below!

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