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Mortal Kombat X – The Predator/Prey Pack Has Some Really Interesting Easter Eggs News 6

News 6 Mortal Kombat X’s latest DLC character isn’t out for another week for Kombat Pack owners, but that hasn’t stopped the Mortal Kombat community from getting a really good glimpse of what the Predator will bring to the table next Tuesday. With my time fighting against the iconic movie character or using the alternate skins that are […]

Battlefield 4 – Rogue Transmission: T-Rex Easter Eggs News 24

News 24 It goes without saying that DICE likes to mess with us when it comes to dinosaurs in Battlefield. So it should come as no surprise that thousands of players have taken to scouring every inch of Paracel Storm and Rouge Transmission this week looking for the ever-elusive and seemingly extinct Megalodon and goat eating Tyrannosaurus […]

41 Hilarious Battlefield 3 Voice-Over Lines You Didn’t Know Existed News 62

News 62 Almost two years after its launch, it appears that Battlefield 3 still holds a number secrets you never knew existed. Not too long ago, YouTube personality pointed out an illusive easter egg, hinted at months back by ex-voice-over producer Thomas Danko, that was finally discovered through some in-depth detective work. We recommend you check that […]

Borderlands 2 – Giant Teddy Bear Easter Egg News 9

News 9 In what seems to be an never ending discovery of easter eggs in the recently released Borderlands 2, we can add yet another quirky one to the list. This time we can check off the gigantic teddy bear. If you’re wondering how to activate this newly found easter egg, we got you covered with these […]

Borderlands 2 – Konami Code and “Extra Wubs,” More Playable Characters To Be Available In The Future? News 9

News 9 During a recent Q&A session with none other then Gearbox Software’s president, Randy Pitchford, it was has hinted that there might be a good possibility that the team behind Borderlands 2 could add additional playable characters to their game. That’s if, however, the success of their up and coming character class titled the Mechromancer, slated […]

Battlefield 3 – Armored Kill Easter Eggs, T-Rex Skull Found News 39

News 39 For all of you PlayStation 3 premium members enjoying the newest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Armored Kill, we have some easter eggs for you to find. One most importantly being a giant T-Rex skull. Could this potentially be a tease by DICE for a future Dino Mode? Or is this just simply that, DICE teasing […]

Black Ops II – Treyarch on Re-imagined Maps, Nuketown 2025, New Black Ops Easter Egg, Why Nuketown is Popular News 4

News 4 Dan Bunting of Treyarch breaks down exactly why Nuketown was not only one of Black Ops’ most popular multiplayer maps, but one of Call of Duty’s most popular multiplayer maps in general and hints at what kind of goodies we can expect to find in Black Ops II’s recently announced Nuketown 2025. He also spills […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Easter Eggs News 19

News 19 Update: Added another Op. 925 Easter Egg sent in by Rubén Santana. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is now available to all Battlefield 3 Premium members and, as it was the case with the previously released Back to Karkand expansion pack, Close Quarters is riddled with a few interesting Easter Eggs. Our friend in the Polish […]