Dead Space Break Room Easter Egg Will Have you Singing Along With the Marker

dead space break room easter egg

Motive Studio didn’t just include new graphics, sound effects, side quests and other gameplay elements in the Dead Space remake, but there are also new secrets to uncover too! A new Dead Space break room Easter egg has surfaced that will have players unearth an audio log!

The break room becomes available in Chapter 4 after routing power to the ADS cannons. This is the room with the candles set up like a ritual was being performed in it. You can find the break room in the Bridge part of the Ishimura.


Here’s an image on the map that points where it is:

Once there, stand inside the circle and input the following in order:

Melee, Stomp, Melee, Melee. Stomp, Melee, Stomp, Melee, Melee, Melee, Melee, Stomp

Once you’ve done this, players will get an audio log, which features some eerie music to hum by! I suggest you find and listen to it for yourself, but if you can’t, here’s what you’ll see and hear upon completing this Easter egg:

That’s about it. Creepy, no? We’re on the lookout for more Easter eggs in the game, and once we find more, we’ll let our readers know.

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