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Shawn Kegarise

Shawn Kegarise
Writer - News / Reviews
Hailing from beautiful Pittsburgh PA, Shawn has spent most of his 25 years playing video games. The original Killzone on PlayStation 2 captured his love for competitive multiplayer experiences and has thrived on that ever since. Now I live, breathe and eat multiplayer madness with the guys and gals of Lucky Strike.
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Escalation Co-Op Review Reviews 13

Reviews 13 For those diehard Transformers competitive multiplayer fans looking for a sequel to the criminally underrated High Moon Studios Transformers games, you’re out of luck. Competitive multiplayer has fallen by the wayside in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark in exchange for an improved, revamped Escalation co-op mode. Escalation has always been a phenomenal mode in […]

Battlefield Hardline’s First Beta Community Mission Is Now Live News 24

News 24 After the surprise closed beta announcement yesterday during EA’s E3 press conference, tons of PlayStation 4 and PC users clamored to get into the official Battlefield Hardlin beta. With roughly 24 hours of the closed beta in the books, Visceral has decided to shake things up a bit. Your mission is to collectively perform 250,000 […]

Killzone Shadow Fall’s First Free DLC Maps Revealed News 5

News 5 Guerrilla Games is making good on its promise that it made back in September that all future multiplayer maps would be free of purchase to prevent a fractured playing base. Although details are quite thin and sparse, we do get a sneak peek into where the level designers are heading. Derived straight from key missions within the […]

Turtle Beach Limited Edition Spectre Headset Review Reviews 14

Reviews 14 Another year, another iteration of Call of Duty, another line of headsets from a respected brand in conjunction with the most popular console video game on the planet. Following suit from previous years dating back to Modern Warfare 3, Turtle Beach and the teams at Activision and Infinity Ward got together to create a new […]

Battlefield and Slim Jim Collide For Battlepack and Double XP Promotion News 35

News 35 Interested in gaining a few additional Battlepacks or Double XP on Battlefield 4 come launch day? You’re in luck, because Slim Jim and Battlefield are in partnership to bring you Battlepacks and Double XP time for purchasing specially marked Slim Jim products. Every code entered gives you credits to redeem Battlepacks or a Double XP […]

Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Installation Details News 75

News 75 EA has recently taken to their help page to release information regarding Battlefield 4’s installation process on the Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 will follow suit with Battlefield 3 and release on two discs along with a mandatory install. The first time you start your game, regardless of which disc you use, you will be asked […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Support Class News 20

News 20 We are at the finish line with the last unveiled player class for Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer component, the Support Class. Killzone: Shadow Fall boasts three playable classes, you can read about the previously revealed Scout and Assault classes and what they provide. Looking for a high win/loss ratio in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer? You […]

Gamma Labs’ G-FUEL Product Review Reviews 41

Reviews 41 How many gamers do you know that buy and pound energy drinks or soda to stay energized throughout their gaming sessions? I know plenty, as I am a culprit of this unhealthy habit myself. I scoured the internet for any sort of help to give me the benefits that an energy drink provides, but with […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Scout Class News 4

News 4 With about a month to go until Killzone: Shadow Fall releases, Guerilla is slowly releasing more and more information on the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Having covered the first playable class, the Assault Class, in our last post, we move on to the Scout Class. Prefer stealth over strength? This is the class for you. The […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Introducing The Assault Class News 14

News 14 Guerilla took to its official blog to release some brand spanking new information regarding one of the three playable classes in its new Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. The Assault Class boasts some similarities you’d find from other shooters, with a futuristic Killzone twist to them. Up next, presumably, will be the last two classes, Support […]

Battlefield 3 Double XP Incoming, Close Quarters DLC Free This Week News 23

News 23 In light of all the exciting reveals DICE is doing for Battlefield 4 during this year’s E3 media briefings, even more information has been revealed. Battlefield 3 users have collectively played a staggering 1 billion hours online in multiplayer. To celebrate this, DICE is rewarding players with a few days of double XP, alongside a […]

God of War: Ascension Update 1.04 Adds Elite Levels News 3

News 3 For those of you still slaying away in the newly released God of War: Ascension multiplayer, good news awaits you. Update 1.04 addresses some key issues that were identified and diagnosed by the talented development team at Sony Santa Monica. The biggest enhancement in update 1.04 will be the increase of the level cap. Once […]

God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Adds More Customization Options News 4

News 4 With God of War: Ascension launching worldwide two weeks ago, developers at Sony Santa Monica have been hard at work gathering up feedback. With the first GoW multiplayer experience finally available in Ascension, the team is taking in feedback from all different types of forums in regards to weapon balance, glitches, bugs, added features and customization. […]

Gamers Edge Gaming Eyewear Review – Get 20% Off Your Own Pair Reviews 32

Reviews 32 Gunnar Optiks isn’t the only gaming eyewear company on the block. Vision Concepts and their Gamers Edge brand eyewear make a pretty suggestive statement that they belong in the gaming eyewear business. So, when a juggernaut is faced by an up and coming brand, who really wins? What are the pro’s and con’s when compared […]

Gunnar Optiks Eyewear Review – Do They Really Work? Reviews 57

Reviews 57 So, I know what you’re probably thinking: Why am I doing a review on a product that hit the scene a few years back? To me and many other gamers, we don’t have much money to throw around at expensive gaming accessories, especially since most of us just play casually. Recently, I picked up a […]

First Multiplayer Playlist Update Coming To Halo 4 Next Week News 10

News 10 Halo fans, get ready for some multiplayer playlist shake-ups in the next few weeks. 343 Industries has detailed that they plan weekly updates for Halo 4. With Halo 4 launching worldwide just a few days ago, 343 is already looking on how to improve your experience. So you’re probably asking what is coming in the […]

Gears of War: Judgment Pre-Order Details Arrive News 0

News 0 Epic Games and Microsoft have begun to reveal some information regarding the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive shooter, Gears of War: Judgment. The official final boxart was revealed today (seen in the image above), and retailers now can begin taking pre-orders. Starting today, Gears of War fans who pre-order Judgment at participating retailers will receive the […]

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Server Update Addresses Stat Errors News 29

News 29 The Danger Close development team is hard at work in continuing to improve upon the multiplayer experience in their newly released FPS title, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. After getting bombarded on Twitter and on the Battlelog forums about the arising stat-reset issue, Danger Close has quickly slapped that issue to the grave. Below is full […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta Receives A Server Update News 50

News 50 Thanks to Community Manager Seeson Mahathavorn, we got the first information regarding a server update pushed to the Medal of Honor beta. While the beta for the most part is holding it’s own and is not plagued by any ground-breaking bugs or glitches, there are a few issues that Danger Close decided to tweak for […]

Max Payne 3 ‘Hostage Negotiation’ DLC Incoming Later This Fall News 2

News 2 Looks like Rockstar is making up for the delay of Hostage Negotiation. Originally due out last summer, Rockstar is providing an all-new chrome weapon bonus, redeemable to all Social Club members free of charge upon release. As for the DLC itself, you can expect four new multiplayer maps, alongside new items, weapons and the Filhos […]

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