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Shawn Kegarise
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Hailing from beautiful Pittsburgh PA, Shawn has spent most of his 25 years playing video games. The original Killzone on PlayStation 2 captured his love for competitive multiplayer experiences and has thrived on that ever since. Now I live, breathe and eat multiplayer madness with the guys and gals of Lucky Strike.
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Halo 4 “Unlock and Load Double XP” Promotion News 15

News 15 Ready to chow down on some junk food and swallow a sugar rush filled soda this holiday season? Good, because doing so can net you some double XP time on Halo 4. First introduced last year for Modern Warfare 3, this special promotion allows gamers to buy a variety of specially marked Doritos chips or […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Armored Kill Event Starts Tomorrow, September 28 News 17

News 17 Set up your best Engineer class and practicing your tank handling because a Premium event is hitting the Battlefield 3 scene tomorrow. Exclusive to Premium members only, an in-game competition in the Tank Superiority game mode tasks players to perform the most kills. The event is scheduled to start Friday September 28th at 9AM UTC and will […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Achievements/Trophies Revealed News 25

News 25 Below is a huge list of the upcoming achievements in Black Ops 2. There is a nice mix up and variety of each game mode thrown in there, including multiplayer achievements. To complete this list 100%, you will have to prestige like previous Call of Duty title, World at War. There are story related achievements […]

A Huge Slew Of Halo 4 Screenshots Arrive, New Complex Map Shown Off News 6

News 6 Thanks to the official Halo website, a bunch of new screenshots have been released showing off a brand new multiplayer map Complex, a Spartan Ops mission known as “The Challenge” as well as the first official Infection game mode screenshot. Complex Spartan Op’s Mission “The Challenge” Infection

Halo 4’s Development Officially Over, Will Ship On Two Discs News 5

News 5 The big Halo boss Frank O’Connor has revealed some exciting news to Halo fanatics worldwide, Halo 4 is nearly complete. “We had a big piece of news yesterday back in the office, which is that the game is literally finished at this point,” stated O’Connor. “They are handing it off through the various certification processes and that, and […]

Halo 4 Media Blowout – New Features, Map, Mode and Killcam News 31

News 31 As of yesterday, the media embargo on Halo 4 has been lifted, lucky for us Halo fans, and there is a lot of good stuff to be witnessed. Below is a round up of all of the interesting new pieces of information and footage that was released. Flood Infection Mode In France, the Official Xbox […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – New Multiplayer Balance Changes News 1

News 1 High Moon continues to improve the multiplayer for Fall of Cybertron. As of today, a brand new multiplayer balance update has gone live. With all of the data they received since the launch of the game last month, they were able to tune key elements to each class as well as some pickup weapons. You […]

Gears of War 3 – Special Anniversary Weekend Event Details News 1

News 1 This weekend is a special one for the Gears of War franchise. To celebrate the release of Gears of War 3 exactly a year ago, Epic has decided to throw a party. A special guest will make a return and you’ll also get to play with a special anniversary edition weapon skin! One of the […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – First Double XP Weekend Inbound Plus Details On Third DLC News 0

News 0 To celebrate the brand new Dinobot Destructor Pack that went live last Tuesday, High Moon is flicking on some double XP time for their fans. The event starts in a few hours, at 7 PM EST, and runs until Monday at 1 PM EST, which gives you ample time to achieve Prime Mode. To conclude […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Mike Roth Details First DLC News 45

News 45 With the recent news of the first downloadable content for the upcoming shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Danger Close designer Mike Roth gives fans more of an in-depth explanation of the content you will receive with the Zero Dark Thirty map pack. Hi, my name is Mike Roth, and I’m a Designer at Danger Close Games and […]

Halo 4 – A Look at the Promethean Weapons and Class Types News 9

News 9 Halo 4 will see Master Chief dealing with a whole new species of enemy, including their advanced alien weaponry. Shown all the way back at E3 2012 was the first gameplay footage of some Promethean weapons and enemy types. Fast forward to September and we now have full detailed information on what we previously saw. […]

Fuse – First Screens and Gameplay Details of Insomniac’s 2013 Co-Op Shooter News 12

News 12 For those Insomniac fans out there, Fuse may be somewhat familiar to you. Formerly known as Overstrike, Fuse is a third person, four-player co-op game that is centered around a volatile energy source that has fallen into enemy hands. A terrorist organization known as Raven has gotten their grip on the substance, called Fuse, and Overstrike […]

Battlefield 3 – Double XP Event This Weekend For Premium Members News 16

News 16 For all of you Premium Members out there currently enjoying Armored Kill, DICE has dispatched a double XP weekend to celebrate the launch of this new expansion pack. You can earn double XP across all platforms by playing a ranked match on any map and any mode. You can use this handy time conversion tool to accurately […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Developer Commentary – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer News 19

News 19 David Vonderhaar is back. The game design director at Treyarch gives us a developer’s point of view as he dissects each part of the multiplayer reveal trailer. This is a great video for those who want to get caught up with all of the new multiplayer gameplay features that Mr. Vonderhaar genuinely covers in the video below. Learn […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack Trailer News 45

News 45 Looks like Danger Close isn’t finished with adding more items to the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Partnered with Zero Dark Thirty which is in theaters December 19th, pre-ordering the Limited Edition will net you the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack, containing 2 additional multiplayer maps. Chitral Compound is a Pakistan area in […]

Max Payne 3 – Another Double XP Weekend Currently Underway News 3

News 3 For a weekend where seemingly every game is doing double XP, you can add Max Payne 3 to that list. Currently going on, Max Payne 3 will enjoy double XP until Monday morning across all platforms. With all the games currently enjoying double XP, which game will see your time? Let us know in the […]

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Double XP Active Until September 11th News 4

News 4 In celebration of the brand new Raven Strike DLC launching on Tuesday September 11th, the developers behind Ghost Recon: Future Soldier have flicked on the double XP switch. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to rank your multiplayer classes up, now is the time. You can catch up on all of the […]

Battlelog Update – Game Activity and Origin Friends Detailed News 20

News 20 For those of you avid Battlelog users out there, you should have noticed a new look and new changes to Battlelog. A few days ago, DICE rolled out an upgrade to Battlelog that changed the way you share your activity and manage your friends list. Game Activity Stream Prior to this update, everything you did […]

Battlefield 3 – Armored Kill Easter Eggs, T-Rex Skull Found News 39

News 39 For all of you PlayStation 3 premium members enjoying the newest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Armored Kill, we have some easter eggs for you to find. One most importantly being a giant T-Rex skull. Could this potentially be a tease by DICE for a future Dino Mode? Or is this just simply that, DICE teasing […]

Uplay Members To Get Privilege Access To Far Cry 3’s Multiplayer Beta News 11

News 11 Current Uplay members will be treated to “privilege access” for the upcoming Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta, developed by Ubisoft. During Ubisoft’s Digital Days 2012 event, Uplay’s brand development manager Alexandra Andrieux announced “there are programs for our Uplay members to have privilege access to the beta when the game launches.” Previously, this beta was […]

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