Halo 4 – A Look at the Promethean Weapons and Class Types

Halo 4 will see Master Chief dealing with a whole new species of enemy, including their advanced alien weaponry.

Shown all the way back at E3 2012 was the first gameplay footage of some Promethean weapons and enemy types. Fast forward to September and we now have full detailed information on what we previously saw. All eight classes and their accompanying seven weapons are detailed in each picture below. Some, if not all of these weapons will be seen in multiplayer as well. You can get the full scoop straight from 343i below.

Promethean Enemy Types

Promethean Weapons

So what do you Halo fans think of the new enemies and weapons you get to play around with in Halo 4 come November? It’s exciting to see 343 Industries taking the Halo story into a brand new world known as Requiem. How many MP1st readers can’t wait to dispatch these new enemies in co-op? Let us know in the comments!

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