Halo 4 Media Blowout – New Features, Map, Mode and Killcam

As of yesterday, the media embargo on Halo 4 has been lifted, lucky for us Halo fans, and there is a lot of good stuff to be witnessed. Below is a round up of all of the interesting new pieces of information and footage that was released.

Flood Infection Mode

In France, the Official Xbox Magazine got an exclusive look inside the offices of 343 Industries in Seattle, Washington. The most important thing that came out of that visit was a reveal of a new Infection mode titled Flood.

A look at the new Flood game mode

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. The infected game mode allows infected players to play as the Flood, an enemy type we first saw all the way back in the original Halo. This revised mode of infection includes a 12 person playlist: 2 infected players and 10 Spartans. The infected have claws for a deadly melee attack and enhanced vision. Not much more is known at this point but it seems like 343 Industries is pulling out all the stops for Halo 4.

Spartan Ops, War Games and Loadouts Interview

Frank O’Connor, Halo Franchise Development Director goes in depth about each of the modes and some of the new features you can expect when playing Halo 4. Tons of new gameplay footage is shown throughout the interview.

[youtube id=”BCDUq8yw7Kk” height=”350″ width=”600″]

Solace Map Gameplay

Machinima goes in depth with Nexy of TheHaloCouncil for a brand new glimpse of Solace, a map previously unseen. Plenty of gameplay footage is shown off here and you get to hear how sexy these guns really sound.

[youtube id=”tVVjuTaODvc” height=”350″ width=”600″]

Dominion Game Mode Gameplay

Machinima, again, shows off a brand new multiplayer component. Dominion is a brand new objective based game mode being introduced first in Halo 4. Below is a full in depth video of everything Dominion related. Most noticeably you will see a killcam throughout the game, as well as a final killcam.

[youtube id=”7aoJMAMR038″ height=”350″ width=”600″]

That’s a majority of the Halo 4 multiplayer information all gathered up into one post. Any Halo fans out there? Let us know what you think about the killcam feature in Dominion, as well as the loadout system in general in the comments below!

Shawn Kegarise

Hailing from beautiful Pittsburgh PA, Shawn has spent most of his 25 years playing video games. The original Killzone on PlayStation 2 captured his love for competitive multiplayer experiences and has thrived on that ever since. Now I live, breathe and eat multiplayer madness with the guys and gals of Lucky Strike. Subscriber

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