Gears of War 3 – Special Anniversary Weekend Event Details

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This weekend is a special one for the Gears of War franchise. To celebrate the release of Gears of War 3 exactly a year ago, Epic has decided to throw a party. A special guest will make a return and you’ll also get to play with a special anniversary edition weapon skin!

One of the most popular playlists is making a return this weekend, ‘Brothers To The End’. BTTE pits two teams against each other in a 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch styled match. So grab one of your friends and hop into the action!

For the Horde 2.0 fans out there, Epic hasn’t forgotten about you either. The Creepy Crawlie Horde Event is for this weekend only. The normal lineup in Horde has been replaced by a contingent of the creepiest crawlies the Locust have to offer. This includes Tickers, Corpsers, Wretches, Bloodmounts, Serapedes and Reavers. Looks like you’ll have your hands full accomplishing your Horde goals this weekend.

Oh yeah, can’t forget that Epic is flipping on the TRIPLE XP switch!

To sweeten the Anniversary Event even further, Epic has decided to bring back an old character for use. The Thrashball Locust character will be making it’s long awaited return for use in this weekends event. The event ribbon for this event was first earned the weekend of January 26th, so if you didn’t receive it then, be sure to get on this weekend and earn it!

Thanks to Epic for the details. Any Gears fans out there planning on hopping on and enjoying this special event? Let us know in the comments below!