Battlelog Update – Game Activity and Origin Friends Detailed

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For those of you avid Battlelog users out there, you should have noticed a new look and new changes to Battlelog. A few days ago, DICE rolled out an upgrade to Battlelog that changed the way you share your activity and manage your friends list.

Game Activity Stream

Prior to this update, everything you did on Battlefield 3 was automatically shared to everybody you had added through Battlelog. Not anymore. You now get to pick and choose which items you want to share with the rest of your friends list. This gives you ultimate control over your Battle Feed, and it stops the huge spam of unlock lists and level up notifications. You can find the Game Activity Stream on Battlelog’s homepage on the right side.

You can now easily share the content you want by navigating the Game Activity stream and clicking on the black star icon of the item you have highlighted as seen below. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Origin Taking Over Battlelog

As most of you know, EA runs Origin. Before this update, your friends list on Battlelog and your Origin friends list were two separate entities. Origin has now merged into Battlelog and vice versa, so any friends you may have added on Battlelog are now your Origin friends as well. This makes life easier for the gamer, so now you only have one friends list to look after instead of two. Origin is slowly taking over the gaming world.

Are all of you Battlelog users pleased with the new changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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