Gunnar Optiks Eyewear Review – Do They Really Work?

So, I know what you’re probably thinking: Why am I doing a review on a product that hit the scene a few years back? To me and many other gamers, we don’t have much money to throw around at expensive gaming accessories, especially since most of us just play casually. Recently, I picked up a pair of Gunnar Optiks after many years of skepticism and doubt. I’m here to answer to those doubts and all of those today who are unsure about whether this product truly makes a difference and if it’s worth the suggested retail pricing.

Last weekend was pay day and I had some extra money to toss around. I looked at my gaming setup and I asked myself what I was missing. I had a Razer Onza controller, an Astro headset and everything else you could think of. Then, I remembered Gunnar Optiks. For those who are unfamilar, Gunnar Optiks are gaming glasses that you wear which supposedly enhance contrast and colors, reduce eye fatigue and to help protect your eyes from harmful lighting. I figured all of this was just hype to sell a product. I’m here to say I was wrong. After about a week of having these bad boys, I can confirm that I cannot game without them. Not only do I not get headaches like I used to, but my eyes feel much more rested and I can game for a much longer duration. They also help out in color and contrast, but to me, that is just an added bonus.

The product I am personally reviewing are dubbed the MLG Phantoms, pictured above. Most of these gaming eyewear products come at a $79.99 USD price point, which could be a bit hefty for some glasses. Don’t fret. If you have extra cash and you are looking to help yourself out both gaming-wise and health-wise, go ahead and pick yourself up a pair. Do not hesitate.

On to the actual review of this product. The number one feature that tops my list is the comfort level I feel when wearing these. They are extremely lightweight and headset compatible. What does that mean, exactly? The side bands do not wrap around your ears. They go straight back. This helps out tremendously due to the fact that the headset will not push the side bands into the side of your head. The lightweight comfort of the glasses tops my list of favorite features, with the headset compatibility coming in a close second.

Another favorite feature of mine is the style. I bought these particular Gunnar’s due to their stylish look. They don’t look embarrassing on you and they look great. Now, I’m not saying you should wear them out to the club or to go grocery shopping because they are obviously gaming eyewear. Going to LAN events and sporting these will have people asking you which pair you got.

The amber colored tint, at first, was a con for me due to the fact that I was not used to it. After a day or two, I got quickly used to the amber color and really figured out why they chose that color. This tint helps with the contrast and color enhancement. Due to the harmful lighting and brightness that comes off most HDTV’s, the amber colored tint cancels that out and even improves upon the visuals you see. The screen isn’t nearly as bright and the contrast is increased, helping you make out items at distances much more efficiently. Of course, they sell this as a core feature, but I see it as an added bonus.

Now the big kicker: Do they really help eye fatigue and improve focus? YES! I noticed in my one week experiment that when I wore my Gunnars, I blinked far less often and I could game for much longer durations. I played one day without my Gunnar’s to see if I noticed any big changes and the first thing that came to my attention, from a quick bathroom break, was that my eyes were beginning to turn red, which is something I did not experience while wearing the Gunnar’s.

Needless to say, my Gunnar Optiks have quickly become one of my most favorite purchases all year and I do not doubt my purchase one bit. I regret not having bought a pair sooner, and I’m here to squash any doubt or skepticism you have. I tried a pair, and I think you need to as well. It’s the only way to really experience what I’m talking about. Below is a hands-on video of what comes in the box, what the box looks like as well as the actual product itself.

[youtube id=”nv_QdX1bbis” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Do you own a pair of Gunnar’s? If so, what is your personal opinion on them? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to like Gunnar on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date on any deals they may be running if you are looking for a pair.

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