Star Wars Jedi Survivor Easter Egg Has You Squeezing Through a Crack for 2 Minutes Straight to See Something Bizarre

It’s quite normal for video games to have hidden secrets and Easter eggs that can be unearthed by players just by randomly going through the game. It seems that logic applies to Respawn Entertainment’s latest title as well, as a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Easter egg has been spotted, and it’s quite the odd one.

This Jedi Survivor Easter egg can be spotted Koboh’s Harvest Ridge area and it involves a LOT of squeezing through cracks! By that I mean, you’ll have to spend literally two minutes of just squeezing through an area to see something bizarre.

I told you it was weird, didn’t I? With the game only out a few days, there’s a chance that more Easter eggs will surface, though I doubt it will be as odd as this one.

Go check out our review of Jedi: Survivor where we state, “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a fun action game and a worthy follow-up from Respawn, just be prepared to fight some of its tech issues along the way.”

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1 month ago

Be prepared to see alot of these Easter Eggs get leaked as the publisher is trying to get sales up.

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