Borderlands 2 – Recent Patch Fixes Add On Disc DLC Recognition

For weeks now, those who have purchased the recent add-on disc for Borderlands 2, which included the first two campaign DLC’s as well as other goodies like the Mechromancer character class, have experienced issues with accessing certain areas or using loot acquired only in these DLC’s. Luckily, those affected can now expect some fixes.

As of this weekend, a new patch has been released on the Xbox 360 that corrects these issues and properly addresses players not being able to equip or use any loot found on either expansion DLC, with a more comprehensive patch to follow in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, there are numerous reports of users experiencing a loss of either bad-ass rank, skins or heads due to this new patch. Fortunately for you guys, the community manager over at Gearbox, Chris F., has stated that the latest patch and loss of the above items or bad-ass rank is just a coincidence. It would’ve happened regardless of a patch being released.

If you wish to acquire any lost progress or loot due to this unfortunate mishap, Chris F. suggested opening a ticket with Gearbox support to get some of the issues fixed.

Note: You must have a Gold Xbox live account, in order for Gearbox support to be able to restore any lost progress or items. They will issue you a Shift code that should fix the issue, which can only be redeemed if you have a Gold account.

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