Borderlands 3 Download Size Revealed

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If you’re planning on picking up Borderlands 3 via digital storefronts on consoles, we now know the Borderlands 3 download size for consoles! On the Xbox Store, it lists the Borderlands 3 download size as 39.98GB!

On the PlayStation Store, Sony lists the game as needing 75GB minimum save size. This could be accurate, considering titles in the past, such as The Division 2, would require double the space due to the downloading and installation process. The download itself could very well be half of that, but the system may need 75GB total to be able to perform the download and installation”

For PC gamers, unfortunately, pre-load isn’t allowed on the Epic Games Store, so we don’t now how big it is on that platform. But if past games are any indication, it should be roughly around the same ballpark as the console versions.

Set to be released next month on September 13, check out Borderlands 3 raw gameplay featuring FL4K the Beastmaster right here. PlayStation gamers, a free weekend is set to today, and you can even earn VIP Points by playing it.