Borderlands 3 Story Length to Be at 30 Hours “If You Beeline It”

borderlands 3 story length

If you’ve already seen the gameplay footage regarding Borderlands 3 and wondered how long you and your buddies will take to finish the game’s main campaign, the short answer is: a long time. How long is long? Try 30 hours long for the Borderlands 3 story length!

This was confirmed by Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage, who also mentions that the 30-hour playthrough time is for those who “beeline through it.” In Sage’s own words, “If you beeline it through, and I mean beelining it through, it might take you 30 hours to complete the main story.”

Mind you, the chances of someone just playing through a Borderlands game and not touching any of the side missions, trying out different builds, weapons, etc., is almost impossible. Part of the game’s charm is finding new loot and weapons to use, and to make your character be as badass as possible.

If you factor those in, and the fact that players will be able to check out different planets, then I suspect there’s a very good chance the Borderlands 3 story length for the average person (those not rushing through it) will run to at least 40-50 hours or even more.

Source: PCGamer

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