Borderlands 3 Update 1.10 Raises Level Cap, Brings New Story DLC & More

borderlands 3 update 1.10

As prveiously announced, Gearbox Software has released the Borderlands 3 update that brings the second campaign DLC — Guns, Love and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock — and lots more! This should show up as Borderlands 3 update 1.10 and is a 5.5GB download on PS4.

Borderlands 3 update 1.10 changes and new content:

  • Starting today, the new maximum Vault Hunter level is 57 (up from 53), as revealed on The Borderlands Show earlier this week;
  • The Moxxtail ECHOcast Twitch extension event is now live, providing an innovative new way for fans to both interact with and support their favorite streamers;
  • The recently announced Takedown Shakedown mini-event continues for one more week, with additional in-game events coming soon;
  • Finally, all players who log in to Borderlands 3 within the next 30 days will receive a free steampunk-inspired weapon and weapon trinket through the in-game mail system. Be sure to log in soon to check out the Epic-rarity Short Stick SMG and Vapor Hoodlum trinket for yourself!

For the new single-player DLC, here’s what you can expect, and where you need to be in the main campaign to play it:

  • Explore multiple zones on the all-new planet of Xylourgos;
  • Complete spine-tingling new story and side missions;
  • Confront new enemies including alien beasts, mutated occultists, and formidable bosses;
  • Add new Legendary Weapons, Class Mods, and other gear to your arsenal;
  • Collect new Vault Hunter Heads and Skins, Vehicle Skins, and interactive Room Decorations

In order to reach Xylourgos with an existing Vault Hunter, you’ll need access to Sanctuary III, the starship you unlock by completing Episode 5 of Borderlands 3’s main story campaign. When you’re ready to travel to Xylourgos, look for the invitation – highlighted with a yellow exclamation mark – in Hammerlock’s study. 

Alternatively, you have the option to create a new Vault Hunter and bypass the opening acts of the Borderlands 3 story so you can head straight to Xylourgos. If you have a campaign add-on installed and would like to play that content with a fresh Vault Hunter, select Play on the main menu, followed by New Game. You’ll then be able to choose which storyline you want to jump into.

If there are any gameplay changes and whatnot, we’ll update the post.

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