Brawlhalla Update 10.56 Patch Notes; Out for 6.04 This Feb. 23

brawlhalla update 10.56

Ubisoft has released the Brawlhalla update 10.56 patch, or what’s also called patch 6.04. This huge update brings a new G.I. Joe collaboration to the game, in addition to the usual fixes and changes. Head down below for the complete patch notes.

Brawlhalla Update 10.56 Patch Notes | Brawlhalla Update 6.04 Patch Notes | Brawlhalla February 23 Update Patch Notes:

Snake Eyes, the original commando, and Storm Shadow, his rivaled brother-in-arms, clash as they duel in the Grand Tournament!

The newest Epic Crossovers feature custom Signature effects, two new Weapon Skins each, unique lock-in animations, and dedicated Roster spots. The event also brings a new Showdown Map that is also featured as the Brawl of the Week – Arashikage Showdown, along with six new Avatars.

Follow the throwing stars in Mallhalla to find all the G.I. Joe Crossover items!

Additionally, we made a few game improvements, bug fixes, and updated the free-to-play Legend rotation. Claim the Cosmic Bundle now with Amazon Prime Gaming!

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A shattered bond has given way to a legendary rivalry as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow journey to Valhalla to determine the victor.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are new Epic Crossovers that feature custom Signature effects, custom lock-in animations, dedicated Roster spots, and two new Weapon Skins each. 

In Brawlhalla, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow mirror the abilities of Thatch and Koji, respectively, and will stay in Mallhalla after the event ends. G.I. JOE and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2022 Hasbro.


Snake Eyes Epic Crossover – “The original commando with deadly silent skills.”

  • A master in weaponry, Snake Eyes is armed with his MP7s and Onihashi Steel Blade.

Storm Shadow Epic Crossover – “An expert assassin seeking vengeance as a Cobra agent.”

  • A member of the famed Arashikage clan, Storm Shadow takes to battle with his Tactical Recurve Bow and Mikimoto Katana.


Cobra Commander

  • “A fanatical leader who rules with an iron fist.”
  • An animated Avatar!

G.I. Joe

  • “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!”


  • “Nemesis organization to the G.I. Joe Team.”

Snake Eyes

  • “The original commando.”

Storm Shadow

  • “Fueled by Vengeance.”


  • “Snake Eyes is the only pack he needs.”

The G.I. Joe Epic Crossover event also includes:

  • Arashikage Showdown: a new Showdown Map that is also featured as the Brawl of the Week!
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.
  • New main menu, character select, and victory theme music!

Knowing is half the battle! Strike your opponents in this 3 minute, 4 player free-for-all match. Beware! The dojo is filled with traps, so make your own luck by activating the pressure plates to turn them on your opponents. The player with the highest score wins!

  • Showdown Game Mode
  • 4-Player FFA
  • Walk-off map with traps!
  • Press the pressure plates to activate traps.
  • Score the most points to win!

We’re continuing Esports Year Seven with the Omen Oasis Championship! This open tournament starts Saturday with players from Europe and North America competing in their respective 1v1 matches to be crowned the best of the best.

Tune in to watch the action live on!

  • Saturday, February 26 – Europe Singles
  • Sunday, February 27 – North American Singles

For times in your local time zone, see

Earn exclusive Viewership Rewards by tuning in to our Twitch streams. The longer you watch, the more you earn! Rewards for this weekend include:

  • Esports Colors v2
  • Omen Oasis Avatar
  • Mecha Ragnir Skin

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Read the stars and battle in space with the Cosmic Bundle! The pack includes:

  • Fait Legend Unlock
  • Cosmic Fait Skin
  • Butterscotch Sidekick

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User Experience

  • Players joining a custom lobby can now change their own teams.
  • 3v3 Ranked Crew Battle now allows rematching.

User Experience

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while entering a Rematch.
  • Fixed a bug where chatbox could be used outside of custom lobbies by opening the store menu.
  • Fixed a bug where a spectator who already left gets put back into spectating when players agree to a rematch.


  • Fixed a bug where players could be KO’ed off the top of Suzaku Castle without being stunned.

That’s about it for the latest Brawlhalla patch.

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