Bungie’s “Destiny” Teased In Halo: ODST

Those devs at Bungie are a sneaky bunch.

Not only were initial plans for their recently announced IP already set in motion as far back as 2008, it has recently been discovered that “Destiny” was even teased within their second to last Halo title, ODST. It only took us until now – late 2012 – to find it.

Compare the image below, found in 2008’s Halo: ODST, to some of the leaked Destiny concept art and story details. Pretty similar! Not to mention the “Destiny Awaits” caption.

Destiny Awaits in Halo: ODST

This Easter Egg was later confirmed by former Bungie developer, Vic Deleon, via Twitter, who now works on the development of 343 Industries.

Considering the scope and size of Bungie’s upcoming project, Destiny, it’s no surprise that it has been in the making for a some time now. Not only will it be spanning four epic titles, each bridged by numerous pieces of DLC, it will also usher in the coming generation of consoles with a universe meant to rival that of the Star Wars franchise.

Now, we can’t help but ask the question, did they leave any goodies like this one in Halo: Reach? Do you remember seeing this image in Halo: ODST?

Thanks, FPSGeneral

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