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Bungie’s “Destiny” Teased In Halo: ODST News 11

News 11 Those devs at Bungie are a sneaky bunch. Not only were initial plans for their recently announced IP already set in motion as far back as 2008, it has recently been discovered that “Destiny” was even teased within their second to last Halo title, ODST. It only took us until now – late 2012 – […]

Bungie Releases Staggering Halo Multiplayer Stats News 8

News 8 With Bungie working on an unannounced project to be published by Activision, the studio has released an epic Halo infographic to reflect on over a decade of multiplayer goodness. As of March 31st, no longer tracks Halo multiplayer statistics. You will now need to head over to in order to access live Halo data. However, Bungie […]