Buying all GTA Online Casino Items Will Cost $800 of Real World Money

Buying-all-GTA-Online-Casino -tems-Will-Cost-800-of-Real-World-Money

One modder has uncovered the real world cost of buying all the Grand Theft Auto Online casino items from the game’s latest update, $800. This is the total cost for purchasing everything in the latest update, Grand Theft Auto Online The Diamond Casino and Resort.

The most recent update to GTA Online added a host of new features to the game, and finally made use of the Vinewood Casino location after six years of it being empty and surrounded by rumors. The casino offers many different items to players, from memberships, to chips, and even an apartment.

The cost of a basic casino membership is $500 in in-game money, while the VIP membership costs $50,000. Both of these items could be purchased with a Red Shark Card, an add-on for GTA Online that costs $2.99 in real world cash. While these seem fairly reasonable, the total cost of buying all the new items is substantially more.

A GTA Online modder, UnknownModder, posted their findings of how much all of the new GTA Online casino items would cost in in-game cash, bringing the total to $63,548,081. This total cost is made up of six categories, which are as follows:

  • Casino and Styles etc – $8,884,500
  • Clothes – $14,427,759
  • Decorations – $7,279,490
  • Tattoos – $1,598,820
  • Vehicles – $28,030,250
  • Vehicle mods – $3,326,762

This totals around $63.5 million, which equates to $800 at the best in-game money value purchases available. This is based on the cost of in-game Shark Cash Cards, and the best way to purchase the $64 million required for buying all the GTA Online casino items is with Megalodon Cash Cards, which give you $8 million in-game cash. Buying enough of these would cost you $799.92 in real world cash, which has then been rounded up to $800.

A caveat to these figures is that while it’s possible to purchase all of the items in GTA Online’s new casino update, you can’t actually have multiple Casino Styles at once, and you probably wouldn’t be buying every item of clothing for men and women because your character can only be either male or female.

It’s possible for players to gamble their way to this level of in-game cash of course, though in certain countries the minigames in the casino have been banned due to gambling.

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  1. Except you can’t use in-game currency awarded by Shark Cards to buy chips in the Diamond Casino, so it doesn’t really matter.

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