Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game Settings Update Adds Stability Improvements Across Zombie Maps (Update)

black ops 4 game settings update


Treyarch has listed the official Black Ops 4 game settings update notes!

We’ve made the following update to the game today (Global):

  • Zombies
    • Significant stability fixes across all Zombies maps, including fixes to the Easter Egg quests.

In addition to that, weapon tuning and more are being looked into and a balance pass is being worked on.

In addition to the topics listed in our previous updates over the past week, we’re currently tracking the following recent topics:

  • Weapon Tuning
    • We’ve seen comments and requests around general weapon tuning since launch. We take weapon tuning very seriously and put any proposed tweaks through rigorous internal testing before we consider a change to the game. With that said, we’ve captured a massive amount of input and stats since October 12th, and we’re currently making a tuning pass for a major update coming soon. Stay tuned.
  • Vehicle Behavior in Blackout
    • If you frequent this subreddit, you’ve probably seen clips of some unexpected vehicle behavior in Blackout. We’re investigating the issue.
  • Death Stashes on Consoles
    • Some players have reported freezing issues when looting a Death Stash in Blackout on consoles. We’re currently working on a fix for this in the near future.
  • Progression Losses
    • We’ve continued to track issues related to connection timeouts that lead to a loss in stats/recently unlocked camos. We’re planning a fix for this later this week.

Original Story:

Continuing with the studio’s almost daily Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update, Treyarch has once again rolled out a Black Ops 4 game settings update (server-side hotfix) on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

While we’re waiting for the full patch notes, Treyarch tweeted out that it’s to improve the stability significantly across all Zombies maps, including tweaks to the Easter egg quests.

Don’t forget that a much “larger” game update is hitting this week as well. If you want to see what changes were made yesterday, head on over here.

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