Call of Duty Championship – US and European Championship Recap

Tomorrow, 31 competitive Call of Duty: Ghosts teams from around with world will compete in the second annual Call of Duty Championship hosted in Los Angeles, California.

The tournament begins March 28 with the finals being presented on Xbox Live and on Sunday, March 30. You can watch the lead up to the Championship matches on, or via the MLG app on Xbox.

If you’re looking to get caught up on the action that took place leading up to this weekend’s tournament, Xbox has posted recaps of both the US and European championship finals where the winning teams were decided. You can catch both videos below:

US Championship

[youtube id=”h-njhlT8aLU”]

European Championship

[youtube id=”JcuUOlkmIsE”]

Remember, Infinity Ward is also hitting the double XP switch this weekend so you can rank up twice as fast in Call of Duty: Ghosts between March 28 and March 31 on all platforms.

Are you going to be keeping up with the action this weekend? You can keep your sights on MP1st for updates or even follow me on Twitter where I’ll be posting updates on location.

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