Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Video Preview

Onslaught is coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts this Tuesday, January 28, on Xbox Live.

Courtesy of Activision, we recently had the chance to visit the team over at Infinity Ward to try out some of the new content, including the DLC’s four new multiplayer maps, new field order rewards, new weapons, and new Extinction mode.

All four maps; Ignition, Containment, Bay View, and Fog, offer some of Call of Duty’s most unique multiplayer maps yet. All range from small to medium in size and offer new interactive elements and more excitement, but with a hint of nostalgia when it comes to one map in particular. Most importantly, I found that each map offered a much higher degree of fun. No longer concerned over designs that adhere to Ghosts’ more serious and sombre tone, it seems that Infinity Ward was really able to let loose, use their imagination, and put together a more playful set of maps that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Each map is uniquely themed and distinct from one another. From the boggy marshes of Fog, to the beautiful sun-lit boardwalks of Bay View, they really stand out from the current palette of vanilla maps. The new field order rewards also spice things up nicely, creating new ways to interact with the map and other players. We were able to trigger a few mortar strikes and watch as they bombarded points on the map, even destroying a large bridge in one case. Of course, things got a little spooky when a player dawned the looks and persona of Michael Myers, gaining a higher pool of health, more speed, and an increased proficiency in axe-handling. There was no running from this maniac.

The Maverick weapon platform, which appears in both the assault rifle and A2 sniper rifle variants, gives fans two brand new weapons to master in Onslaught. I found both aesthetically pleasing and fun to use, but not over-effective compared to other weapons. Like most assault rifles in Ghosts, the Maverick AR excels in medium to ranged-combat while the sniper rifle variant’s high-tech optic allows you to spot enemies easier.

Lastly, Extinction fans will need to come up with a few new strategies as they face new and much more powerful enemies than ever before. There’s also more to discover in the way of story as the saga continues in episode one of this new four-part series.

Below, we’ve capture footage of all four new maps, the new Maverick assault rifle and sniper rifle, and even some action from Nightfall. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!


[youtube id=”mcUslXLoqQQ”]


[youtube id=”xyFrvfDaX3o”]

Bay View

[youtube id=”hH-2lIR38sc”]


[youtube id=”CSl23d1Oaco”]

Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall

[youtube id=”57Iaa3UKRzs”]


Call of Duty YouTube personality Drift0r, who also attended the play session at Infinity Ward, has a fantastic in-depth analysis on the Maverick Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle, new to Ghosts’ Onslaught DLC. Check it out and learn all about the new weapon below!

[youtube id=”M0o-MfHvs70″]

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