Call of Duty 2019: Activision Expects Sales to be Lower Than Black Ops 4, Game “Rooted” in Franchise’s Most Important History

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While there’s no news yet on what Infinity Ward is working on for this year’s Call of Duty, there have been rumors that it’ll be Modern Warfare 4, and not Ghosts 2. It seems that whatever the studio reveals, we know it’ll be somewhat connected to the franchise or the brand.

During Activision’s earnings call today, Dennis Durkin, CFO and President of Emerging Businesses at Activision, confirmed that this year’s COD will be “rooted in some of the franchise’s most important history,” which really feels like he’s referring to the Modern Warfare series.

 We will have another major launch for the franchise that will appeal broadly to both existing and new fans with what I can only describe now as a great step forward in the franchise that is also rooted in some of the franchise’s most important history. – Dennis Durkin, CFO and President of Emerging Businesses

However, even if it does turn out to be Modern Warfare 4, the publisher isn’t expecting it to beat Black Ops 4’s sales nunbers (which the studio has also confirmed that it failed to meet sales expectations for the second half of the quarter).

We have high expectations for the game, but for modeling purposes, we are conservatively planning on upfront Q4 unit sales to be lower than Black Ops 4. – Dennis Durkin, CFO and President of Emerging Businesses

As someone tired of all the sci-fi and weird stuff we see in competitive multiplayer first-person shooter these days, I’m really hoping we get Modern Warfare 4; preferably one that plays like its old school counterparts. What we do know now is that this year’s COD will have a campaign, and a “huge” multiplayer world.

What are you expecting to see from this year’s Call of Duty? Do you think it won’t beat Black Ops 4 sales figures if it is indeed Modern Warfare 4?

Source: Seeking Alpha (login required)

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