Activision Testing New Ways for Players to “Participate” in In-Game Content in Black Ops 4 and in Future Titles

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While Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a solid game, the way microtransactions is handled in the game leaves a lot to be desired. Not only is the Black Market back, but there were instances where it seemed like Treyarch was testing just how much they can get away with before players start complaining and fighting back.

Well, it seems like there’s a good reason for that, and based on Activision’s statement, testing the player is just what they were doing. In yesterday’s Activision earnings call, Activision executive Collister Johnson mentioned how the publisher was continuing to re-iterate in-game features and offerings, and testing “new ways for players to participate in in-game content,” not only for Black Ops 4, but for “future titles” as well.

Call of Duty in-game net bookings was lower year-over-year, but the team continues to iterate around in-game features and offerings within Black Ops 4, testing new ways for players to participate in in-game content both for that game and for future titles. – Collister Johnson, President & Chief Operating Officer of Activsion 

Yep, that statement seems like Activision is testing the waters for what can and cannot work in regards to Call of Duty 2019 microtransactions and beyond, no? Given Treyarch’s recent roll out of Death Effects, gun charms and the like are locked to specific guns, which is a first for any Call of Duty title (meaning cosmetics have to be earned per gun), I gather, Black Ops 4 players are part of the testing pool once again.

Are you OK with Activision’s testing of how players will “participate” in in-game content? What direction should the publisher take on this when it comes to Call of Duty 2019? Sound off and let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Activision Testing New Ways for Players to “Participate” in In-Game Content in Black Ops 4 and in Future Titles

  1. Not surprising since all of Black Ops 4 seems to be an experiment. They add a black market/reserve/crate/feature that’s horrible, get complaints and reduce the horribleness of that feature slightly to make it seem like they are making changes for the better. They have ruined the franchise with this BullShirt. I’m done with it. There are better games to use my limited time and money on that actually respect the gamer.

  2. Yeah they continue to test the player & how well he responds to getting BUTT FUCKED WITH NO LUBE.

  3. So we shouldnt expect new gameplay or innovation or something in games, just “new ways to lose our money” – “games about money transactions”.

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