Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Boxes Introduced in Latest Update, Now Has 3 In-Game Microtransaction Sources

black ops 4 loot box

In case you haven’t turned on your PS4 or Xbox One just yet, you might want to do that now, as a new title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is live! This big patch not only introduces a slew of multiplayer tweaks, but there’s a bunch of new content from Operation: Grand Heist.

While we’re getting a new Specialist, a couple of new guns, weapon camos and more, it seems we’re also getting another thing that possibly no one asked for, which are Reserve Crates (Reserve Cases); Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s term for loot boxes. Those who played Black Ops 3 will remember these as Supply Drops. Note that Reserve Cases can be earned within the game by playing multiplayer and Blackout.

With the introduction of Black Ops 4 loot boxes, the game now has three microtransaction sources within the game! Players can use real world money to buy character/weapon skins and other stuff, use real world money to skip “Tiers” in its Contraband stream, and now, Reserve Crates. Here’s what they look like in the game.

Direct purchase items using real world money:

Contraband Stream with “skippable” tiers (you can buy a tier(s) for real world money):

Black Ops 4 Reserve Cases and Crates (Supply Drops/loot boxes):

Again, the Contraband items, and the Reserve Cases can be earned by playing multiplayer and/or Blackout, and these only include cosmetic items (as far as we know). Let’s hope that no weapons are gated behind Reserve Cases/Crates since Black Ops 3 suffered from this via its Supply Drop system.

For those keeping score, Black Ops 4 is a full priced $60 game, and has a Season Pass, and now has an assortment of microtransaction sources in the game itself. I gather, Activision must be pressing hard to obtain more money from the game due to it under-performing.

Do you think this year’s Call of Duty will end up the same? And the bigger question here is: will you be OK with it?

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