Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Highlights New Weapon & Gear Additions

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Recapping all of the latest weapon and gear additions to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over the past few weeks, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have put together a brand new gameplay trailer filled with high-action moments and cool so-mo shots.

Earlier this week, a brand new set of weapon variants was introduced to Advanced Warfare. Dubbed “Royalty Elite,” weapons in this new set boast powerful stats and sport a highly detailed royal purple camo. Along with this update, Sledgehammer introduced new non-Akimbo variants of the SAC3 sub-machine gun.

Both sets are now available on Xbox One and soon coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. According to Sledgehammer, these sets won’t be coming to previous-generation consoles due to hardware limitations.

Earlier this month, Sledgehammer also gave Advanced Warfare fans access to the new M1 Irons special weapon, including 10 variants, as well as brand new gear drops to customize your Operator with.

See the new loot in action above.