Call of Duty App Announced, Will Let You Change Loadouts, Compare Stats & More

black ops 4 update 1.42

Are you a big Call of Duty fan? Big enough that you want to check the game even when you’re not playing? Activision has just the thing! The publisher has announced the Call of Duty app available now on iOS and Android devices!

So, what can you do with the Call of Duty companion app? Activision says that you can keep tabs on your friends’ progress, compare battle stats and achievements, and more! Check out the short trailer.

The Call of Duty app will also let players squad up with 20 other gamers and earn in-game and exclusive rewards by completing weekly objectives as a squad. There will be weekly challenges for squads, and this applies to multiplayer and zombies. In addition to the in-game rewards, Activision mentions that squad rewards will also include real-world items like KontrolFreek.

Check out some of the official info straight from Activison:

Personalized Match Reports and Gameplay Analysis

By connecting to your in-game profile, the Companion App will give you a personalized, deep dive into your previously played matches across Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies, as well as Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer, including War Mode.

Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly Action Report of how you played in the previous week, as well as a Weekly Briefing with suggestions, tips and tricks that can get you back into the battle with an edge. Now you’ll be able to head into the weekend warfare with a new battle plan based on this intel!

Along with stats for your individual Weapons, Equipment and Loadouts – the Companion App will show you Match Analyses and Heat Maps to track every bullet and movement in that match. Based on your play, the app will give you personalized recommendations to help you drive up those stats.

Want to be an elite run-and-gun player? Or how about the ultimate sniper? The Call of Duty Companion App can track what fits you and put you on the road to improved performance.

You can download the Call of Duty app on iOS and Android right now.

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